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ACEOMM is getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunalety it is lack of food and shop franchises (currently it only has 100 franchises from both) so I decided to create this topic to get more data from you guys :slight_smile: If you want your country’s, region’s or village’s favorite franchise, all I need is following 6 data from you under this topic. The rest is on me.

  • Name of business:

  • Base country of business:

  • Business description:

  • Name of CEO:

  • Business’ work area: (for Mcdonalds it is fast food, for Starbucks it is coffee, for H&M it is clothing etc

  • business description is explaining work area then it is not necessary)

  • .png logo link from internet (it MUST be .png)

For example:

  • McDonalds

  • USA

  • Today, McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, serving approximately 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries across approximately 36,900 outlets as of 2016. McDonald’s primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts

  • Steve Easterbrook

  • (work area is clearly explained on business description so no need)


Of course since ACEOMM is based on realism; No fake or fantasy businesses. You can see currently added food and shop franchises here:

Let’s start then :slight_smile: If I give like to your post that means I added your suggestion to ACEOMM.

Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion
Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion
Small Airlines

Name of business: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Base country of business: United States of America

Business description: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, often shortened as Coffee Bean, is an American coffee chain headquartered in Los Angeles. Serving fine roasted beans and hand-brewed tea leaves from Camarillo, Coffee Bean is present in 32 countries with the bulk of its operation focused in Asia.

Name of CEO: John Fuller

Business’ work area: Coffee


Name of business: Excelso

Base country of business: Indonesia

Business description: Excelso is an original coffee shop from Indonesia and a part of Kapal Api Group, the largest coffee producer in Indonesia. Excelso has grown to become one of the strongest and recognized coffee shop brands in Indonesia. More than a decade later, it has now becomes a chain with up to 100 stores in around 28 cities in Indonesia.

Name of CEO: Kevin Mergonoto

Business’ work area: Coffee


Name of business: Hazer Baba

Base country of business: Turkey

Business description: With roots as a small family business in 1888, Hazer Baba today is one of the most well-known Turkish brand in more than 40 countries, single-handedly producing the majority of all Turkish delight exports in the world. In addition to Turkish delight, Hazer Baba is also a reputable producer and exporter of instant fruit teas (in powder form). Cotton Candy Delight, Halva assortments in fancy gift boxes, high-end Turkish Coffee and Turkish Black Tea blends, luxury Candied Chestnuts are among our other exports.

Name of CEO: [Yeah, I don’t know who the CEO is]

Business’ work area: Candy/confectionery, tea, food


Name of business: Es Teler 77

Base country of business: Indonesia

Business description: Established in 1982’s Jakarta, Es Teler 77 has grown to become a successful regional phenomenon, with 200 stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Es Teler 77 serves many other classic and delicious Indonesian dishes, along with its signature ‘Es Teler’.

Name of CEO: Yenny Setia Widjaja

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: Popeyes

Base country of business: United States of America

Business description: A multinational fast food chain based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Popeyes serves fried chicken and other Southern comforts. Today, it serves 40 states in America as well as 30 countries worldwide.

Name of CEO: Cheryl Bachelder

Business’ work area: Food

PSA: The CEO is stepping down.


Name of business: OldTown White Coffee

Base country of business: Malaysia

Business description: OldTown White Coffee is Malaysia’s largest halal-certified kopi tiam restaurant. The company also manufactures instant beverage mixes and products, in addition to operating over 237 cafĂ© outlets throughout Malaysia and the region such as Singapore, China, Indonesia, and Australia.

Name of CEO: Lee Siew Heng

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: 4Fingers is a Singaporean chain of fast casual restaurants that specialises in crispy Asian style fried chicken. Opening up in 2009, 4Fingers now serve Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia, with plans to expands to USA.

Name of CEO: Steen Puggaard

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: Old Chang Kee

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: Old Chang Kee had it humble beginnings in a small stall in 1956 Singapore, serving a local favorite of curry puff. Today, Old Chang Kee specializes in the production of high quality food, and in May 2017 The U.S based Travel & Leisure Magazine announced selected Old Chang Kee as one of the world’s 20 best fast food chains.

Name of CEO: Lim Tao-E William

Business’ work area: Food

Product: Finger foods


Name of business: Bee Cheng Hiang

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: Starting as a market stall in 1933 in Singapore, Bee Cheng Hiang produces Asian-style foodstuffs, especially that of Singaporean cuisine. Today, the company has expanded its operations to more than 260 retail outlets located across nine territories—China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan

Name of CEO: Daniel Wong

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: Yoshinoya

Base country of business: Japan

Business description: Yoshinoya is the 2nd largest gyudon restaurant chain in Japan, serving various affordable Japanese delicacies like beef bowls and miso soup. Yoshinoya also operates a chain of stores in the United States, Hong Kong, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Name of CEO: Shuji Abe

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: Pepper Lunch

Base country of business: Japan

Business description: Pepper Lunch is a international food franchise popularizing the concept of “fast-steak”. Pepper Lunch has opened numerous stores throughout the Asia Pacific region, serving steaks and chickens on top their signature electromagnetic cooker.

Name of CEO: Kunio Ichinose

Business’ work area: Food


Name of business: Quickly

Base country of business: Taiwan

Business description: Since its founding in 1996, Quickly has grown to become the largest tapioca milk tea franchise in the world, with over 2000 stores around the globe. Branding itself as a New Generation Asian-Fusion style franchise, Quickly serves a daily concoction of bubble milk tea, frozen yogurt, and egg puffs.

Name of CEO: Nancy Yang

Business’ work area: Drink (tea)


Name of business: Tong Tji

Base country of business: Indonesia

Business description: Tong Tji is a family-owned business out of Indonesia in the field of tea manufacturing and retail. The company operate numerous chains throughout Indonesia and is recognized as a leading brand in the country. Aside from their famed jasmine tea and milk tea, they also sell light street snacks such as tahu, tempeh, and banana fritters.

Name of CEO: Tatang Budiono

Business’ work area: Drink (tea), snacks



Name of business: Manhattan Fish Market

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: Inspired by the famous Fulton Fish Market, Manhattan Fish Market is a restaurant chain serving American-style seafood such as the famous Manhattan Fish n’ Chips, the all-time favourite Garlic Herb Mussels and the legendary Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter. Currently, Manhattan Fish Market is present in 72 countries around Asia and Middle East, with numerous industry awards under our belt.

Name of CEO: George Ang

Business’ work area: (Sea) food



Name of business: Texas Chicken

Base country of business: United States

Business description: Church’s Chicken, also known as Texas Chicken outside the United States, is the 3rd largest chicken restaurant chain in the world. Texas Chicken operates 1,700 stores across 25 countries, serving fried chicken, fries, and biscuits.

Name of CEO: Jim Hyatt

Business’ work area: Food



Name of business: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a Singaporean chain of mass-market, retro-ambience cafes selling toast products, soft-boiled eggs, and coffee. From humble beginnings at a small stand in 1944, Ya Kun today is a recognized Singaporean icon present in Asia Pacific.

Name of CEO: Adrin Loi

Business’ work area: Food


Restaurant/Shop (?)

Name of business: TWG Tea

Base country of business: Singapore

Business description: TWG Tea is one of the finest luxury tea brands in the world, with presence in across the globe. TWG Tea’s collection – the largest in the world – numbers well over 800 different single-estate, fine harvests and exclusive tea blends from all of the tea-producing countries.

Name of CEO: Taha Bouqdib

Business’ work area: Tea, confectionery (sweets)



Name of business: Beard Papa’s

Base country of business: Japan

Business description: Since it first opened its doors in Fukuoka, Japan back in 1999, Beard Papa’s has remained committed to its pursuit of delivering uncompromising quality in every one of its doughy creations. Delight in its natural cream puffs, served fresh, every day, across our 367 stores worldwide.

Name of CEO: Tomoyuki Imaizumi

Business’ work area: Confectionery (sweets), finger food



Name of business: Cafe de Coral

Base country of business: Hong Kong

Business description: Founded in 1968, the Café de Coral group opened its first Café de Coral restaurant in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong in 1969. Since then, the group has grown to operate over 580 separate outlets across its brands all over the world. It is the largest Chinese fast food restaurant group in Hong Kong and in the world. In Hong Kong alone, it caters to over 300,000 people on an average day.

Name of CEO: Michael Chan

Business’ work area: Food (casual fast food, Western and Chinese food)é_de_Coral.svg/800px-Café_de_Coral.svg.png