Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


If you bought the game via Steam the program should be able to find game folder but looks like it couldn’t find it.


I bought it in Steam but what can i do?


757 has been released on AirportCEO MDK. So let’s rev up ACEOMM :wink:

@Guusje2 Air Astana, Turkmenistan Airlines @Pologuy American Airlines, Delta, Icelandair, United, @PigScroll Jet2, TUIfly UK, @10pastnein Titan Airways

Do you guys going to make these liveries? And there are still airlines with 757-200s in their fleet such as:

Air Slovakia
ASL Airlines Ireland
AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines
Fly Jamaica Airways
National Airlines
Nepal Airlines
Privilege Style
SBA Airlines
SCAT Airlines
Sunday Airlines
TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
Tajik Air
Uzbekistan Airways
VIM Airlines
Xiamen Airlines


Winglets are included with the 757 very nice!!!

757 is here, yeah!

TACV I think that is usign nowadays only 757 leased or I only see an Icelandair working for TACV


Waiting for all the 757s liverys!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw the Iceland air was already given to @Guusje2 but i couldn’t wait to make this one for a long time.
the hekla aurora. I hope you dont mind :sweat_smile:

Also did the delta lol :sweat_smile:


Yes, why I will be making some like that too. I have actual photos I can use too. :smiley:


In ACEOMM, we work with “claim” system. If a designer claims a livery (For example Plolguy claimed Icelandair 757-200), it belongs to him and none of other designers’ work on same livery would be primarily considered. This can be only changed by following rules:

  1. Lost contact with designer for more than 7 days.
  2. Both, old and new designers agree to switch claim.
  3. Not abling to provide the quality level that ACEOMM staff is requested.

So that me and @pderuiter can follow the work flow and be aware of who is doing which livery. It also prevents designers to lose time/effort on already made or WIP liveries.

P.S. : These rules are also applied on livery re-creations. If someone says “I can make XXX airline’s livery better than how it is currently in the ACEOMM”, then these rules are also considered before giving a green light.


May I suggest a small change: a maximum amount of liveries someone can claim at the same time, so for example like 3.

That prevents that someone claims 10 liveries and works on them for weeks without much progress and gives the opportunity for others to have a chance. It also gives a little pressure to finish your work before starting something else. :slightly_smiling_face:


It also gives a little pressure to finish your work before starting something else. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is not what we want to do on designers. Modding in general is a volunteer job and a designer decides himself on what to do. If we force them to do a specific mod or create a deadline it would have neative effect on community and end up with a forgotten project.


@EG0611 as i said i do no want to ‘‘steel’’ liveries.
I want to use these for my own at first. if the person who it is assigned to wants to work on it thats fine.
I will not send mine because of that. just wanted to show what i made.


The new Excel sheet can be accessed via here: From now on, the old ACEOMM Data Excel sheet will NOT be updated. Airline livery designers can see which liveries are made by who and which liveries are on WIP by who under “Liveries” sheet.


ALL these people have their effort / their tears / their sweats / their hurting fingers and eyes on AirportCEO Mod Manager. I wanna thank all of these 25 people personally :slight_smile:

One day I hope we will see thousands of aircraft types, tens of thousands of airlines and thousands of thousands of liveries in ACEOMM.


I have a problem, the ACEOMM.exe says that one image during the installation is in use by other process and I cant finish the installation


You’re definitely welcome! I had no idea that I had done over 30 liveries, and they will continue to come! Next to be added: TUI and Jet2 Holidays 757-200s! :grinning:

You and @pderuiter deserve special thanks for allowing Airport CEO to include real airlines and liveries, and you’ve put in lots of effort yourselves. :slight_smile:

Here’s to the future!


I am getting the above error when trying to install files while using the mod manager… Any ideas and thanks to you guys for all the great updates that keep coming out.


Do you have the log file for me?


Sorry not the most technologically minded. Log file??


In the folder where you put ACEOMM, there is a data folder. Inside that data folder is a log folder. Inside that folder is the file ACEOMM log.txt.