Airside Shuttle Boarding - Desk on +1 Level? (separate levels for ARR/DEP)


I’ve noticed that if a shuttle bus stop is on ground level, it can’t be linked to a boarding desk at +1 level with an escalator linking them, not sure if this is correct and this feature isn’t available, or if this may be a bug? checked zoning all is okay and linked up correctly.

Reason I ask is, to have departures on +1 level and arrivals on 0 level, remote stands at moment i’m needing to place the boarding desk on the ground floor walled in but means the 100 or so passengers all cram into that space down the stairs when boarding starts, rather than allowing them to board upstairs before heading down to the coach - this is maybe a feature request not sure?

Thanks in advance for any info on this :slight_smile:


I was just building that. So it should work without issues. Please check again if zones are correct incluing doors, walls, escalators.
It does not work when the gates is set as international but your boarding area isn’t. If it should be international, you have to mark the bus stop as international zone.

For arrival, you can choose a dedicated arrival stop. The option will appear at the stand as soon as it has been declared as remote gate.

And here as example for a large remote gate with two departure bus stops. The departing passengers at the middle gate for busses cannot cross the arriving passengers from the other two jetway gates.

You can too just need to change floor with the page up and page down and then you can link it