Airside Shuttle Bus Parking Position (On Stand)


Just a thought to improve how the stands appear, the busses if allocated to the stand (e.g. if want to colour brand them to match a certain airline/stand), they park in a quite messy position. Maybe they could be tweaked to park along the top red outline in the example below? so they aren’t diagonal but are instead, in line with the stand markings?

Assuming this is defaulted by the position they need to be in to operate once the aircraft is on the stand?

Doesn’t cause any issues, purely visual effect :slight_smile:

The vehicle path and orientation system on the stand is actually quite complex, they use a combination of on-stand location points for idling and then match those towards the pre-defined aircraft service vehicle path once an aircraft is parked. When the vehicles start moving once the stand is parked they analyze the path and, based on their position and direction in relation to the specific path it is expected to take, it smooths that path out and tries to make as smart (efficient) and smooth approach as possible to get onto the path (in relation to their start position). This is why they are parked that way and pushing them all the way to the edges there would probably cause those path integrations to appear a lot jerkier than what they are today.

That’s very interesting. I have noticed that in my play anyway. The shuttle bus on the medium stand after it has delivered the passenger to the plane. It often goes thru the plane to then turn around and park.