Allow departing passengers to queue more neatly!

Bus, car, and taxi stops all have one problem that makes them annoying to deal with, and that’s how leaving passengers queue for them. They line up behind each other, and in some cases like a bus stop, the line can get huge! Then you’ve got this really weird and long line possibly overlapping your dang front doors or something like that. Why not allow them to sit down?

Here’s an example of how it would work with bus stops:
A departing passenger (who just got off their flight) goes on their way normally, sitting down in the unsecure zone, waiting on their baggage, then leaving the terminal, now instead of them simply standing in front of the stop like a complete doofus, they will attempt to sit down at nearby seating closest to the bus stop they’re queueing for, just like how passengers waiting to check in will choose seating nearest to the check in stations.

Why is this relevant? It doesn’t change too much gameplay wise, however, it would make dealing with any way of leaving the airport aside from a subway more easy to handle, when you can simply have them all sat down and ready to go when the bus arrives.

Also, honestly, if nerfing the subways with the corresponding emergency that shuts them down exists, at least make the rest easier to work with as listed above.


pls pls pls…

Oh yes, please. Where’s the point in building Bus Shelters, when people do not use them.

Suggestion: Just like you (probably?) do right now, give them people waiting an internal “queue number”, but do not actually queue them. Instead, let them use the benches and bus shelters we provided.

Y’all talking about arriving passengers, not departing right?

yes, I think we all are

Yes. Passengers that arrived via airplane and are now departing our airport by bus/car/taxi/tube^^

oh yea, this is a must, also pathing, they seem like they all are in military squads, following each other form flight to secure zone exit, to anywhere…

they are not in military and should randomly choose paths

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This is off topic but when you offer contractors a staff room and request to build one thing then all 100 of then come out in a line :rofl:

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