Auto Repair Select Percentage -COO?


Hello, I was reading various posts about the COO and the Auto Repair Function. Like many others, it is not operational/available in my latest save. However, once the function is fully fleshed out, I was wondering if it’s possible to allow us to:
Select the percentage of damage level at which auto repairs begin? If this is already a function, then please forgive my ignorance. However, if this is not currently part of the Auto Repair Function, please consider adding it.
I think it would make budgeting for repairs much easier and realistic!

Great game…keep up the awesome work!



This would be great. Even it would be more costly for the airport.


If you go that route, it could be interessting if runways and stands need to be closed for these repairs and this needed time would depend of the damage and the amount of (construction) workers doing these repairs.
But then this would require these repaires being done in an scheduled style sharing the timetable of the aircrafts.

Furthermore, a time based scheduling would be a logical step, instead of a damage percentage based scheduling.
In turn wear and tear could be lowered to compensate for the higher effort of the repairs.

Unfortunately this would mean big changes to the source code of the game for sure.


I don’t think it’s implemented and it would be much better if it did exist! Hope the devs include this sooner rather then later!