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An ouch moment for United…


You do not know how many bad PR incidents united has had.

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I’ve heard of a few. Shame really, since they’re one of the (now 5) major airlines.

I have do deal with overbooked flights on a daily basis. But what happened there is just embarrassing.

Why do airlines overbook flights? Who cares if one person cancels? What airlines do on overbooked flights is just wrong. :neutral_face::unamused: Or rather, at least what UA and AA do.

There is a really intersting thought behind airlines overbooking flights, this video explains it perfectly: https://youtu.be/EqWksuyry5w


The United story is bizarre… just waiting for some to submit a United parody design for the contest, lol.


Maybe it could feature wider aisles, this will improve the “passenger drag out” times and surely will satisfy United.


The thing that makes the united thing even worse is that the flight wasn’t actually overbooked, it turns out that united wanted to move another flight crew to the destination city (1hr flight) and so they tried to make room by offering compensation. No one took the deal so they resorted to other means…

The response from the CEO was appalling as well.

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Westover Productions does a very good job explaining the “overbooking” issue on flights.

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I was just about to come on and point out that video to people.

3 people did take the offered and there was 1 seat left needed

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Your wish is my command, I will hopefully get it in before the form closes

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The flight was not overbooked. Idiotic United took 4 crew members and threw them on that plane when they were not supposed to be on the flight. If you ask me, United should put their passengers before themselves, and put the crew on the different flight instead of dragging someone off the plane and making an international headline

Although they needed to position the crew to prevent cancelling another flight (with disruption to over a hundred passenger vs just four).

Although without a shadow of a doubt they have completely mismanaged the situation.

True, but they still mismanaged the whole thing, have you seen the apology email? It basically said “NOT MY PROBLEM”


They’re trying to save themselves at the moment…

Why do you say “Damn”? I have always hated United, their sketchy executives, their rude FAs, how they mishandle everything, their crappy IFE, the tiny seats, no legroom, substandard food, broken planes having to return to the airport, their terrible bedding, and how economy is some of the worst in the world. Oh yeah, did I mention the power plugs are broken on any plane more than 2 years old? You get the point. If you go on one of those websites that are like blogs for travel, you will see how even one time the points guy got kicked off a plane for taking pictures of the seat, because the FA thought he was taking a picture of other passengers. United staffs are just clueless

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Interesting, and funny