Big birds - very few passengers

I’m playing with passenger rate set to 100%. I’m well aware that doesn’t make every flight full nor should it do.
But while medium flight have between 90-180 passengers, and it works well and feels realistic, the big ones often have around the same, and that does not look good.

Is the big planes put on the same setting as the medium ones?

I would argue that the big ones, the standard would be between 250-400 depending on the aircraft ofc. But to have a 777 with only 167 passengers is just sad imho. Sure it can happen sometime, or during the pandemic event. But not every day.

Will do a test to see if I have the same issue

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What are the destinations? Big known main airports or minor known and less frequent destinations?

I only do international flight on the big stands, so it’s Copenhagen to like USA or Japan and China.

I mean that the paxsize of the airport database
might be also relevant to the number of passengers on bord. It’s just a guess.

Could be.

Here is to show what I mean

Even despite the pax ratio setting the number of passengers arriving on aircraft is reduced compared to reality, this is in line with reducing the overall load on computers running the simulation.

Can we get the option to have “realistic” Values? In the game settings? :slight_smile:

I can slightly bring the minimum passenger ratio up which should increase the chance of having more passengers per flight. However, it will still be at random between 50 and 100% of the passenger ratio.


Happy about any change <3 :smiley: Or a setting where we can change it our self hehe :smiley:

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