Bug with medium Check In desk? [solved]


I have a problem with the medium Check In desks. Everytime I open it, all my service agents try to reach a point of the desk.
They show the following path:

Is this a known bug or a mistake in my design?

Thanks for your support!


How many flights are assigned to this desk? Can you click on it and show a screenshot?

Three flights, two of them closed.

I guess the two others should already start the check in? The service agents in the back are waiting to operate those two other flights.

The reason is in most case a bottleneck at the transit. The passengers for the flight which is currently being handlet are arriving too late so that the check-in takes much longer than planned.

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… or a lack of available check-in desks, or potentially a very long distance between the transit arrival area and the check-in desk causing the procedure to be delayed. Do you have any warning notifications for the flight via the flight process panel (G)?

Thanks guys.I solved the problem with more desks.
I had warnings that the Check In desk is blocked.


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