Bugged JP Airlines


As requested, the JP airlines model is borked


Are you on the latest version from the Workshop or did you use ACEOMM?


I use the workshop…


Have you updated to the newest releases from EG? They say back in business?


I thought steam autoupdated items in the workshop when they’re updated?


Alas Patrick whom uploaded and did the programming and original release has been absent for a while, so EG, Guusje2 and myself fixed the broken liveries but had to release them as a new packs as we could not use Patricks original uploads.


Well, thank you for what you do. I don’t really care about the visual bug… I take all the good those workshop items bring with the occassional bad any day here. I really wish I knew how to adobe, it’d be game on for me helping, but alas, I have other obligations. As I had said, maybe next calendar year…


In theory you should just be able to mirror the old Workshop items with the new releases from EG. Might mess contracts up but it should not???