Can we get a better modding guide for a-ceo?


It is very hard as beginner to create a new mod at a-ceo. Sure you have that ACEO MM , but if you not want to use this , it is very difficult . It would be better to have a small youtube tutorial. Just ideas :slight_smile:


Have you looked at this?


Yes , but for beginners it is not good enough , It is very hard to create the first mod. I have had enough problems , because of the logos ,and the Logo_Inv and also with the mod structure . The mod structure is very difficult , if i compete it with a Sim Airport mod. (There i made also a modding guide , maybe i do it here at a-ceo also , but not sure :slight_smile: )
It should be more explained there :slight_smile:


I guess… if I were interested in what Sim Airport was doing, I would have played that game instead. But alas, after trying both, I found this one to be superior.


I dunno?, but I found the above guide very helpful, and it helped me create my first mods for this game way back, when I was a beginner. Couldn’t have been more clearer, really :slight_smile:

One just has to read, read again, then understand. Simple.

Will you make mistakes?, of course!, we all do, but that is part of the learning process.


To be honest, I think the modding guide is easy to follow. On top of that, the example mod already shows everything your mod needs to include. It’s just so self-explainatory.


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You are all right , if you know how it works it is easy , but if you want to start modding , it would be better to have a step by step guide , with pictures or screenshots , also for the painting of the aircrafts. Not all know how that works. And a youtube tutorial makes it much more easyer , because you see then what to do next.
I not say the existing guide is bad , i just say it could be better. (just ideas) :smile:


So make the guide. If it could be better, then take the steps to make it what you envision it to be.


We’ve previous had an aircraft mod tool in development but it was put on ice because of various reasons. Looking at the total feedback of players we don’t really see a mod tool as a top priority for many of them, this might change though with popular demand or depending on how work progresses. Since the design and implementation of new aircraft is so very detailed, we feel that we indeed need a separate mod tool for aircraft but we also intended to include airline modding in that tool as well. We’ll see what the priorities are in a few months.

A318 lets finish A320family

A solid stable base game is always better for a modding format than a game that is still in this state I have learned. Although the fact that i would realy like it :wink: haha.


I’m working now at a new Modding Guide for A-CEO , at steam . But i need some time to finish it.
I hope that then more beginn to create mods here . I have done also a modding guide at Sim Airport , and there then also more users beginn with modding. Maybe someone could help me with the guide ? At steam we can do that also together. :slight_smile: