Cancelled flight (for any reason) baggage handling

Currently departure baggage of cancelled flights just disappear.
I suggest that if departure baggage will be handled as arrival baggage like IRL.
a) baggage is still on the way to the baggage bay or in the bay - ramp agents will move the baggage from the departure side of the bay to the arrival side, and then it will be delt like arrival baggage.
b) baggage is loaded on cart - this task will continue and then the cart will drive to the arrival side of the bay and the baggage will be unloaded.
c) baggage is on the cart on the way to the plane - cart turn around and then like second part of ‘b’.
d) baggage is loaded up on plane - like ‘b’ finish loading the plane and then unloading it (treat like arrival baggage.

Why it should be implemented:
Realism or close to it (game limitiation of task being done and needs to finish). I think it should have been part of the dealing with emergencies (having an extra ‘baggage claim area’ for cancelled flights).

This was already implemented back when emergency update reached experimental, but the devs removed it cause it wasn’t working. All the bags disappeared upon reaching the baggage bay, and we’re stuck with pax waiting for baggages.

I wonder if the devs would fix this or not.

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I got a different answer from Olof stating that “the system is already to complex to add this feature”.