Catering Trucks Not Taking Jobs [solved]

Hi all, I have been playing the game a while now and have previously managed to work out most issues even in pre-release stages but this time I am really stuck. My catering trucks will not accept jobs, I bought a lot and it made no difference. They are not assigned to specific terminals, I have 2x catering depots both are fully stocked with meals at both terminals and status on the trucks is mostly idle. The only trucks that will take jobs are the first 8x that I purchased, the rest do not take any available jobs. The first 8 take jobs in both terminal areas so it isn’t a connection issue with the service roads.

Any ideas?

Have you ensured that all catering trucks are assigned to the respective terminals?

auto assign to terminal is turned on by default
maybe they’re assigned to another terminal?

Thanks both, so I didn’t realise that by not assigning them to a terminal would mean they didn’t take jobs I just thought it meant they would take jobs in both terminals and travel between both. I think I misunderstood the game mechanics. Cheers!

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