Catering / waste disposal not profitable?

I observed that one truck can serve ~2 Med. Stands simultaneously within the turnaround time in my airport. I did a back of the envelope calculation and came up with profits of ~2400 $ / day (~4 flights/day * 2 Stands * ~100 Meals / flight at $3) against costs of ~$4200 /day (1 Truck at $100/h and 1 depot at the lowest setting at $75/h). Slightly better for waste (assuming the $1000 operating is per day).

Do I miss something, e.g., is this only profitable for big stands/planes or should I fleece the airlines for more money? Thanks in advance

Your math appears to be correct. However, I loaded up one of my older airports with 2 catering trucks and the hourly cost displayed is 150/h (making it 75/h per truck). The devs probably forgot to update the procurement page.

Anyways it probably breaks even at best if the truck and depot usage is not maximised. But I’m sure the costs and sales will be changed in the upcoming update.

Have you adjusted the price per meal on the prices page and have you moved the slider down on the catering building to $75 per hour. I operate 15 large stands and I can supply enough meals for my aircraft.


He did that. The problem is that it is probably not profitable unless the airport has a lot of flights.

Okay, thanks @all. Then I think I’ll wait for a future update :wink:

I assume that catering/cleaning might be needed to unlock 4 and 5 star flights (much like baggage handling is needed for 3 star flights) with the fee you get for completing the turnaround being higher

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