Celebrating a year of Las Vegas Paradise International Airport


Today marks the 1 year celebration of my first airport, the Las Vegas Paradise International Airport, and for that special occasion, we’ll be going through its operational history throughout the months.

LAS opened as a dual-runway regional 6 gate airport, capable of handling mostly turboprops, as well as 16 GA stands

Increased demand of traffic led to the addition of an extra 6 jet capable gates, as well as an expansion on the baggage claim and check inn area.

Which followed by a re-pavement of the taxiways and refurbishment of the gate areas

**As traffic increased, so did baggage traffic, which lead to the expansion of the baggage claim and relocation of the baggage sorting/checks as well as a refurbishment of the flooring **

With the former baggage check space abandoned, the area was turned into another extra 2 gates

Months later, increase in demand lead to the expansion of the check in area, as well as the removal of 2 gates in favor of up 5 bus gates

Man has this airport changed a lot


Really nice