[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the first large aircraft in Airport CEO!


While I get that the more recent aircraft are nicer looking, I feel it would be more appropriate if new equipment was introduced in a somewhat chronological order. It’d be strange to start with 21st century jets and then add older ones later.

As one of the oldest planes still in operation, I’d love to see the 747 lead the line of large aircraft. However, in this context I can understand if people prefer progression in terms of size rather than age.

Also, as I understand it each tile is approximated to 1 m (thus each foundation block is 4 m x 4 m). So the medium stands allows roughly 7 blocks for the aircraft, representing about 32 m, about average for most narrow bodies currently in the game. The largest wide body aircraft average about 70 m in length, which would require about 18 foundation blocks. Just interesting to think about how big these stands are going to have to be.


Those would be marked as fat aircraft.


So… We got a clean winner?


The poll has been closed! Looks like the Boeing 787 is the decided winner with 47 percent of the votes!

@Rubble, the floor is yours… :wink:


I’m excited to see the 787 in ACEO! I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, but I definitely will check out the first wide-body in the game.

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