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@JeremyK is right, maybe even there are background features we haven’t seen.


Airlines: Vueling, Level, Volotea.


There isn’t a decent 78 available yet. Though one is in the works.


You can certainly email their PR departments and request permission, though they’re not going to care one way or another the vast majority of the time. Again, its free advertising and brand recognition. In fact, I’ve found most of them have gone out of their way to help with a few of my projects that were difficult with regards to livery design. SAS, KLM and American for example sent me tons of reference materials, AI and PSD assets, and even copyrighted fonts that aren’t available to the public.


@DetCord it sounds good but every airline in world is not that generous.


Simply pointing out three of them that went above and beyond. No where did I state they’d all be jumping at the chance to devote time and materials.


I have an important question for real airlines mod in future:

Airline base code allows modded airlines to have a HUB airport?


Depending on how the templating works, I might through my hat in the ring on this.


Um, with regards to copyrighting, it’s not just the airlines you know.

There’s also the other “equivalent”, like HSBC, Santander, Starbucks, etc.

Plus, if you want to make it realistic, a proper study of how the stores also lays out their store is also important, not to mention the correct choice of interior color.

That being said, I’d be willing to help a little bit. For example, for the fuel, you could use the big companies, which are Air BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Gazprom, Sinopec, Aramco, Total and Petrobras.


I’m Willing to try to get alle the artwork integrated in the game


Loganair relaunched recently with a lovely slick livery.

Would be brilliant to see it in the game!

(I’d love to help, but have the artistic talent of a blind monkey).


Alitalia. strong text for minimum characters


For an airline’s 1 aircraft type (lets say British Airways B737-800), the work is based on 80% livery and 20% coding. Coding should be easy since Devs use JSON structure. But livery painting would need hardcore photoshop usage. I hope Unity engine has an easy way to solve it.


I’m closing this. Add your ideas here: