Constructors truck not arriving


Hi all

Since the update to 29.12.1 i am not receiving new construction stuff.

If I restart the game I get the items but not a 2nd truck. Has a process been changed or am I missing something?


Bug report aceo 11068, my first big report :slight_smile:


Hmmm an hour later the truck came. Maybe I caught them on a lunch break.



Hmm, well, there’s been a few minor null ref and out of bounds issue fixes on the experimental branch for construction, wondering if this is what’s caused the issue? I will check your report and log regardless so thank you for that! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Olof.

i also built a wall. the truck offloaded the stuff. builders collected the stuff.

I cancelled/destroyed the light blue wall before it was built.

Builders dropped the boxes where the wall was and now i have 30 boxes there. on the floor in my airport

will the boxes hopefully vanish? or do a bug report?


No, they will clear out once all construction is fully completed (i.e. no other construction orders are in the queue).

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