Contract Negotiations between you and Aviation fuel suppliers are too easy, here's a mixup to make them a bit more interesting!

As of Alpha 36.3-2, Aviation fuel suppliers are way too easy to negotiate with and completely scam out of their money. Once you’ve built a fairly large airport, not only will you have quite a handful of negotiation points to sink in, but you’ll also have Aviation fuel supplier’s dreaded bonus points.

Currently, you get five extra points just for having a Avgas 100LL depot and a Jet A-1 depot. That’s a huge bonus just for two little things that can be easily grabbed at the beginning of the game, as well as being in every single airport. It’s almost a passive increase!

What do I think should be changed about this? Either make the bonus less (Maybe 1-2) or instead, change it to where you get bonus points for having a lot of fuel storage. Let’s say… 1 bonus point per 30k gallons of storage you have for a maximum of 3 points. (90k fuel storage) Not only would this be more challenging for new airports and generally not being an overly easy boost of points, but it also makes more sense.

Aviation fuel suppliers typically want to sell as much as they can, like any company, so it would make sense that if their buyer had a lot of storage, they would like to continue doing business because they can sell a lot of fuel.

What do you think? Does my suggestion seem overly hard? Or should bonus negotiation points for Aviation fuel suppliers stay unnecessarily easy?

Agreed. The steps are waaay to big, should be around 10%-20% of what it is now.

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