Conveyor belt - Escalator Up/Down

A tip on the definition of elevators for conveyor belts. The title of the conveyor belts indicates: ESCALATOR DOWN or UP

Wouldn’t it be useful to find another definition? Also not to confuse it with the real ESCALATOR (in fact in localizor when I translated it I thought it was just escalator - Scale Mobili, and not conveyor belts, and from what I also see others in other languages)

As a suggestion:

Conveyor Belt up ramp
Conveyor Belt down ramp

or in German:

Gepäckbandrampe Hoch


Gepäckbandrampe Runter

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It doesn’t look like a ramp, it looks like a lift.

Lift or Elevator…but (in my opinion) it should not be defined as an ESCALATOR
As a suggestion:
Conveyor belt Upstair (or only BELT UPSTAIR)
Conveyor belt Downstair (or only BELT DOWNSTAIR)

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That’s true

True, but if you want to change it, you should use the industrial names for this and not creating new words. These things are called “Incline belt conveyor” (rising or lowering) or in German “Knick- und Steigbänder”.

These things exist and when you google the pictures of them, none looks like what we have in ACEO. Our thing here looks like a lift, my guess is that the ACEO lift is not used in reality, at least not on airports, as they would be to slow.
It should be incline belt conveyors and two squares long. (But I can live with the thing we have)