Could we get more json details(settings) for the mods?


Hello , it would be good , to have more settings at the json at the mods

  1. the number of flights (at moment the game do this, but some small airlines have too much flights and the big ones not enough) I think it would be good if we have that setting in the mod , and then the modder can say how much flights a airline will have.
  2. Aircrafts in % , there it would be good to have a setting/tool where the modder can say
    the airline have 60% A320 aircrafts , 30% A319 and 10% Dash8-400 . With that the airline have more A320 Flights , and not so much Dash8 (just a example) That makes it more real i think :thinking:
  3. Price sensitivity , with that we can make lowcost airlines more realistic…



I like this concept. I think it allows for more realistic fleet distribution.

I always thought it should be more detailed, for airlines that have a noticeably small fleet. TUI Nordic comes to mind; I believe their fleet is something like 5 large. Would be nice if that could be replicated in the game, not having 20 TUI Nordic flights on stands.


Oh, yeah I know, I have them. I was just using the airline as an example. In real like, their fleet is only 5 large, so we should only see 3-4 planes at a time on the ground (as the rest would be flying for an arrival).


Yes , i agree , we need more settings at the mods :slight_smile: That we not have 20 Sundair flights and only 5 Lufthansa for example. I hope that comes soon :wink: