Departing PAX do not arrive at airport if no enough transit UPDATE

I thought it was fixed. Hadn’t seen this for over a month now and all of a sudden my terminal is empty. Anyone else had this? Bug report sent.

UPDATE: After some testing it appears that after a certain point, departing PAX will not arrive at the airport if there are not enough transit structures.

I am operating 2 large stands and 5 medium. There are 7 aircraft at any given point. 2 large and 5 medium.

I have 2 subway stations, 6 bus stops, 7 car stops, 5 taxi stops and 2 car parks which seems a lot but clearly is not enough.

I thought the subway entrance had no limit, but I was wrong. After closing down all other transit structures, I got a message that PAX could not leave.

@Olof it would be nice to know what transit capacity one needs per 1000 PAX and what is the subway limit

I would move this to support so it’s seen

@yanniskass Thanks for reporting a bug on this issue, could you please share the bug report number here so the devs have a reference. Also please choose the ‘support’ category in the future if you have a support question as it was now in ‘Off Topic’ and then it’s not seen on any ‘latest’ screen.

See updated section above