Dev Blog 138: Internal testing of Alpha 33

don’t know if you missed my question regarding runway lengths, etc… a few posts up. if you get a chance and can answer, that would be awesome so some of us can do some preplanning airport designs. Thanks!! @Olof

Thanks for the small update! Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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“Fixed an issue which could cause waste trucks to try to perform food delivery shipments to catering depots”

And this is why I would never eat airline food!


Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With medium aircraft on large stands what about small planes on medium stands?


Any idea on when we will get big birds on experimental?

re-read this:

I laughed when I read that too! Lol

No set date

But based off of the internal testing speed, what is left to be tested, and dev blog on Monday

I’m going to guess either late this week or mid next week

are we sure that olaf up there didn’t give us his dev blog?


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lol :laughing:

Please could we get big birds for the weekend

crosses fingers

Lmao I literally saw someone doing the same mistake and receiving the same image a while ago.

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I saw that too, so I thought I would continue it! lol

Just saw this and I’m thinking - Heck yes! Would be great if the images can be released for modding already!


This one must be the 737 MAX, lol!



According to Trello all the ‘Large Aircraft’ tasks are ‘ready for experimental branch’. I am ready for the experimental branch aswell :smiley: