Dev Blog 145: Passport checkpoints and immigration, self check-in, segregating departure and arrival and more!

when will it go internal?

Most of them I’ve seen have a separate scanner.

And also the fingerprint scanner in front and the photo camera is missing.

But just minor details. If the graphics designer has time. :slight_smile:


Right, I’ve seen that too.

Anybody noticed the additional R&D completed projects when playing a pre Alpha 34 airport? ‘Quality Brand’ and ‘Luxury Brand’ shops and ‘Quality Kitchen’ and ‘Gourmet’ restaurants.

I’ve seen two other projects too, ‘The Architect’ and ‘The Artist’.


When will A35 go experimental for us to try?! Anyone know?

Hopefully you’ll know in the next dev blog! :slight_smile:

Connecting flights is not something we’ve planned and not something that is very unlikely to implemented. The game is already complex enough and connecting flights would be a whole new level of complexity with very little value added.

No, way too easy! :wink:

Yes, as per the default game settings.

We simply cannot fit cargo within the base price of the game as the development costs alone would render the project unprofitable, it would be a very large project to implement and we don’t want to spend 10 years in early access.

Given all of the features coming in Alpha 35, including multi-terminal support, it would not be very wise to also enable support for bigger maps at this stage. Since the changes are so fundamental to the game we need to test these in a controlled setting, hence why it makes sense to keep the map size as is. We will however take a look at it in a later stage of the beta period, once we know that we have a very stable foundation that is 1.0 ready - scaling up the map at that point should be less of a challenge to deal with than right now. The test airport from which all of the screens in this dev blog has every feature in the game built and is both working well and fun to play with! :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the 144 dev blog topic you can in Alpha 35 assign arrive-only remote bus stops via the stand display.


It’s unfortunately not a matter of what people want in this case, and there’ll not be any Compromises™ here. Alpha 35 will be made available in a time and shape that makes sense to the development cycle and how we need to test everything! :slight_smile:

Development is progressing fast but we have no estimates at this point and will not be able to give any. It’ll be out when it’s ready! :slight_smile:


ill get on it!
will create a scanner next week


Regarding passport checks will it be possible to switch sides, having the passing lane on the other side?
Not important at all to be honest, but might be good for design (and rebuilding real life airports).

Just want to say, awesome job! keep it up.


No idea how easy/difficult would it be from the coding aspect, but it would be nice to have a mirror option in the right click menu of objects.

EDIT: no to all objects, of course. Stands should NEVER have the jetway at the right side of a plane.


Then you might want to join here:

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If the size of the jetway entrance has been changed to accommodate a separating wall…4 nodes means the exit/entrance size is not balanced…
this is an OCD nightmare lol

should have made it 3 or 5 nodes…


Segregate arriving and departing passengers by removing secure zoning or layering a staff zone over the existing secure zone, instead of building a dividing wall.


Haha, I would agree with that. Symmetry! Some of us like our symmetrical airports.

Update sounds quite expansive and amazing. Thanks for the hard work, devs!

Sure, like for 10-15 euro give us a triple A game.
Maybe we as a community understand that this game won`t have a very large audience since it is a niche game and that dev team is a small one which already have invested a lot of amaizing work into this. So dlc’s are more than welcome.

On the other hand maybe am I blind, was any date mentioned for 35.0 ?



Thx somehow I missed that.

@4B54 @awtkn @auxiliary As I wrote before, if you want symmetry you can just have a 2 tiles wall in the middle of the jetway. Like this (I know it wouldn’t look exactly like that in the game, this is just basic paint):

Looks more symmetric, doesn’t?


Could you do it with two windows side by side to give the idea it was just double glazing

Furthermore you can dismiss these walls and just de-zone secure area instead of walls, too…