DevLog 52: 2017 Brings a New Perspective


Maybe some of these good old fokkers? F70, F100?
Or maybe a ERJ?


I’d like to see either A320 or A321 :slight_smile:


Q400 has my vote.


CS100 and CS300 has my vote.


Q400 would be great. Also wouldn’t mind seeing 737-400 or Airbus A321.


We already have the ATR 72, why do we need a Q400 that looks the same…?


Q400 has the different gear, and passengers board from the front and not the back like an ATR


Does the orthographic camera or whatever affect Game graphics performance… If it does then there should be an option to switch it off on low performance devices.

@Olof @Fredrik


And which PC/Laptop are u using for development??… if it’s a high end one, then start testing the game on low end devices. Cause my old desktop (2GB RAM/ Pentium II…8yrs old) lags while running Prison Architect. I am not saying that Airport CEO should run normally cause the desktop is outdated but still it should atleast run it. If Airport CEO runs on my desktop, then the game is going to sell very well performance wise.


They once said that they were using a medium end laptop


No, not that we have noted. We are developing on a MacBook Pro and a desktop Gamer PC around 4 years old. However, I also have a “on the road” mediocre non-gamer Windows Laptop, which is now 3 years old. This one is good to run tests on and so far it is performing good. Our challenge is that we will have many more agents that PA, higher resolution textures and larger maps. So of course we are doing everything we can to constantly improve performance.