Domestic flights

recently i’ve tried to use realistic international flights and noticed that most of my flights are allocated to international flight stands and left domestic flight stand empty. how do I get domestic flight airlines?

Where is your airport located?

There isn’t anything you have to do as such, but the proportion of domestic vs. international flights is dependent upon the country your airport is in (and therefore the number of domstic airports there are in the database) and the sizes of stand you have for domestic stands vs. international stands.

e.g. an airport in the USA will have a lot more domestic flights offered than an airport in Iceland

singapore, its a small country haha

how do i change the location?

You can’t once you’ve started an airport (unless you modify the save file, but I wouldn’t recommend that).

It’s one of the drawbacks of the realistic international flights setting is that it’s difficult to know the split of domestic/international flights that will be offered, but then again it’s a setting that the devs added to please the community rather than the default setting.

You can… its a bit tricky… I will write a short manual.

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You need to be carefull when changing the savegame files but it’s possible to change almost everything.

  1. Start a new airport in a bigger country. (You should see the number of airports in that country when you select it on the map)
  2. save that one
  3. go to the savegame folder of the game you want to change and also a the new savegame.
  4. open the GameData.json of both savegames with a text editor
    Following entries have to be found and then changed:
    And there are two more
    later in the file.

while 00.000000 and XXX needs to be replaced with the content of the new savegame.

You can also change IATA Code and Airport name. If you have the name on the logo, you can also copy the logo.png and rendered_logo.png from the new savegame to the old one.

Make sure you don’t loose any " or , in the files as then they won’t work anymore. May make a copy before you start to change the entries.
I’m not sure if manual changes in the file will have an impact of achievements in that savegame.

There’s your problem.

wow thanks!

how do i find the save game folder? cant managed to locate it

The folders are in “%APPDATA%\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves” for windows.

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This thing happens the other way to, no international flights! :joy: