[Duplicated] Some ideas I had while playing ACEO

So I have some suggestion to AirportCEO and it’s only an idea which I think it may add some challenge when playing the game are idea are follows:

  • Runway De-Ice Plows [1]
  • Cargo Aircraft, Operation and Contracts [2]
  • Yellow variant of Runway [3]
  • Standby Stands [4]
  • ’Higher Roads’ [5]
  • Underground Re-fueling [6]
  • Water Refill/Sewage Disposal [7]


  • [1] When in winter, around Sub-Zero temperature, and snowing environment, Runway will have chance to be covered by snow (can be seen by Runway turning pale, or a meter shows how covered the runway is). Player will have to purchase Snow Plow in Even number (2, 4, 6 .etc). Runway will take a bit time to be cleared from snow and during the time being Runway will remain temporarily closed. If player did not purchase Snow Plow then snow will fade away in a few days depending on the weather, if Runway is 100% covered, runway will automatically close.

  • [2] Freighter, just like commercial, except no passenger needed, however player is required to transport the pilots and crews, they will act like Passenger but they are considered as staff members, they can go through staff zone .etc, player is not required to ‘hire’ those pilots and air crew, they arrive via bus, taxi, personal transport or subway. If in remote stand, Pilots and air crew will travel using the Airport Staff Van (if using van).

  • [3] I don’t know if other country uses Yellow variant of the runway but it can be mostly seen in Japan. I don’t know why, but I believe someone said that it’s because ‘White’ Runway marking colour will mix with the snow, which yellow colour can distinguish the colour between snow and airport marking.

  • [4] If Aircraft departure time is not at the same day/close to the arrival time, such as Arrival time is on Friday 7 AM but departure time is on Friday 9 PM. Aircraft after arrival operation can choose to be ‘towed’ to Standby Stands/Remote stands for storing purpose, and can be towed back to the gate once prepare for boarding/departure service.

  • [5] I had this idea when I was reviewing some international airport, which airport have Floor 2 as Departure floor and Floor 1 as Arrival Floor, which there are roads connected to Floor 2 but also Floor 1.

  • [6] Underground refueling which fuel is traveled in an undergound fuel pipe to each stands, player will still need to purchase a refuel vehicle however that vehicle will be much cheaper than regular fuel truck, however player will required to build fuel pipe. (It can overlap with undergound baggage belt idk?)

  • [7] I really don’t know when did I come up with this idea, one’s refilling the aircraft’s water and one’s removing the sewage waste from the aircraft and deliver to the rubbish disposal hub.

  • Now this one I don’t know, if Snowplowing is implemented, i think maybe add a runway inspection vehicle, and player can set the time of when to inspect the runway (e.g 5 times a day). And the runway damage/snow meter won’t change until each time vehicle inspected the runway.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Well of course more realism, and more fun I suppose, some of those ideas I had can add more challenge to the player, which is close to realism.

  • Cons: I make games too, so from my knowledge, more things you add, it takes more time for your computer to run it, which if for some weak computer like mine runs it, and it may lag the computer which affects the overall gameplay experience. Also sometimes I don’t know it may make the game more complicated.

Now… due to some problems the website keep saying I can only post 1 embedded media or something I don’t know.
I do have a discord account so if you want to see some pictures you can DM me. Look for a guy named: 37660413

This is my first time writing a post, if you spot something inappropriate please let me know.

Hello and welcome

Actually that has been in the code for years but it seems to be removed now.

For Cargo, there are many topics requiesting that. Same for Standby Gates and refuel. May you take a look at the existing suggestions here otherwise we have many redundances. :slight_smile:

@Revar all these ideas are requested beforehand. Please use them to discuss about them:

[1] Snow Plows and Snow Effect on Runway
[2[ Airport CEO DLC's (Cargo Feature and Historic Times Feature)
[3] This is only used in New Chitose, Japan as far as I know. The reason is the area has harsh winter months.
[4] Stand-by Plane Stands
[5] Elevated Drop-Off Roads (Departure/Arrival)
[6] Piped Gasoline?
[7] This idea was discussed before but looks like topic is missing. You can start a new one.

You can also use this topic if you are willing to discuss tiny ideas instead of creating a new topic;

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