[Duplicated] Some more new ideas. (cargo related)

I have some more ideas. One possible idea is a cargo system with real life companys like UPS, Fedex, DHL, Amazon Air, etc. A specific amount of money will be payed for each ton of cargo. In addition to new planes, there will be a cargo sorting center very similar to the baggage handling system. Just like general aviation, the planes will land at night, stay on the ground until all of the cargo is loaded up. Then the plane will take off in the morning. The type of cargo planes will be the md11f, md10f, boeing 767, and 747-8f. The planes will come to your airport depending on what country. For example, UPS and Fedex in North America and Aerologic and DHL in Europe. Smaller planes go to regional airports while large planes go to continental destinations. In addition, there will be a specific vehicle to load, unload, and transport cargo. There is no mod or pack, this is just an idea fo future updates.

here is an image of the plane

Ready (Workshop too) to go… And I’m not alone in the production of Cargo liveries, there’s quite a few. Very much so.

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looks great, but it’s a passenger plane because I can see the windows.

Actually this is very close to the reference photos I used.

Just one example… Not the one I used, just the first I found on a image search, windows are still there.

oh ok

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I do every research and reference of whatever I build. I try and reference as much as I can.

cool, try making a UPS

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Others have already done so. Cargo operations are not lost on me though.

Was just checking the feature voting and to my surprise I couldn’t find a real (like above) description of a cargo feature… :thinking: As cargo has been discussed a lot on the forum you would have expected a feature request as well. So @csff131 please feel free to create an ‘official’ request for this :wink:

@Rubble the cargo plane looks cool! Can’t wait to have these birds moving around on a build :smiley:

Cargo would be a nice addition indeed. However I don’t think real companies will ever be added due to license issues.

I also don’t think that airlines should be restricted to countries/continents. You can decide for yourself if you accept contract from foreign airliners. Most people don’t care where the aircraft on their airport come from as it’s doesn’t change anything gameplay-wise.

I think I’ll do a feature voting on this topic.

Please use the following topic to continue discussions about Cargo feature.

Feature Request Topic for Cargo Feature

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