Emergency vehicle only lanes

I don’t think this has been suggested, I did a search and didn’t see anything obvious.

I’d like to see one of three things in game:

  • a designation for service roads to be used by emergency vehicles only.
  • alternatively, a code change could be made to emergency vehicles that allows them to travel down any available lane of a service road, just like IRL emergency vehicles
  • a code change that forces other regular service vehicles to pull over and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

I’ve had a few planes destroyed now because the fire truck got stuck behind a slow moving fuel truck. Yes, I could re-arrange my airport to allow emergency access without using regular service roads but that isn’t “realistic”. I’m not sure what the protocols are at a regular airport when a runway emergency occurs, i.e. do service vehicles just stay where they are until the emergency is cleared or…??

Why didn’t you show up here with all your proposals on the day of release game? :rofl: The wait isn’t long, until the end of the year, just a couple of months.

Do you aware that fire stations are suppose to be reachable to every runway on an airport under 90 seconds right? Normally fire station should be placed really close to runway with their own dedicated road. :slight_smile:


But it isn’t a simulation, but a tycoon. Fire stations don’t have to be built 90 seconds away from runway in the game for as long as SF50 doesn’t need to use Jet A-1…

If it is not a simulation but a tycoon game, then emergency vehicle doesn’t need to have special roads for themselves right?

No. They don’t need to get there in 90 seconds but can in 5 hours.