Employees not going to jobs


I was playing this save before lunch and now got back into the game only to have my staff on strike it seems. I have tried resetting jobs, freeing person nodes, closing and reopening security, reloading, nothing is working. The most I can get to occupy a security station is 3 besides the operating one on the far left. All my ramp agents are in their staff rooms as well not doing anything. Any ideas?


Hmmm very strange. I’d say file a bug report, send the save and especially the output_log. Mark it with your username so I can expedite it.


*not related * you can color the floor? :smiley:


I checked the generate continous job tasks and that seems to have jump started.


Yes :slight_smile: there is flooring that you can place down where tou can pick one of many patterns


Hm. Doesn’t seem right. Do you have a save before you pressed regenerate? :confused:


Olof, i only wish this fourm software had autocorrect…:neutral_face:


Unfortunately not


I’ve got the same problem. All jobs were being claimed now none of them are with an airport full of staff. No one is working and staff rooms are full. where is the 'generate continuous jobs" button?


I also seem to have this problem. All Airport Staff, contractors, technicians and janitors are not moving at all, and some passengers are also frozen. However all my ramp agents and security seem to be working fine


I am having a similar issue, the ramp agents are fine with working on the apron, but nobody seems to want to work in the Baggage Bay. There’s plenty of Staff to cover all the roles.

I haven’t tried the suggested fix, which I do believe is accessible via the F10 menu, but will see if it works.

I haven’t noticed the problem before the last update. I have quite a few other issues but will take some time to make a list and check it against posts here first.


Put break rooms(staff area) in the baggage bay and increase the number of ramp agents to 8 per side and staff it so that there are always ramp agents in the break area for each baggage bay. I put couches in each baggage bay, which is fairly realistic for break areas to be very close to where people work with ratty couches people have brought in from home or the company paid in order to keep their employees somewhat comfortable.


I tried a staff room in the corner of the baggage hall - it didn’t work. Will try increasing the number of agents per side.


An update. Not sure if the game updated itself or not, but simply saving and re-starting the game made it work again.


Thats been a common fix for a long time now.