FAOR/JNB - O. R. Tambo International Airport


Fellow CEOs,

After reading this forum and looking at some amazing airport designs, I have decided to build FAOR - O. R. Tambo International Airport in ACEO, as I worked there for 5+years. It also also my closest major international airport, the other one being FALA/HLA - Lanseria, which I might do in another build.

It is a complex multi-level airport IRL, but until then, will make do with a single level. It also has a large and complex road and parking system which also cannot be implemented in ACEO, but again, will work within those limits.

In researching the build, I have found that they have a unique/specific approach to bathroom facilities, which I will mimick in the ACEO build.

I hope to have some screenshots up in the next week or so, and will use this thread to that end.