First Class/Priority Class?


Hi, I Have A Question Does Airport Ceo In The Check In, Gates Or Passboards Will Have First Class, Like Priority Lanes For VIP Passengers And Stuffs Like That?

Thank You, Hope Respond!


yes they do have this type of thing implemented as more priority passengers will normally arrive in a taxi or limousine where as for economy they usually come by bus


@letsdothis41 Are taxis and buses even in the game?


Not really. We don’t have taxis or limousines yet. We have passengers with a wealth level but first class is not fully implemented yet such as priorty queues etc. As we aim for August release, we will not have time to further add functionallity until later.


Hi Fredrik! At launch, if our airport becomes an international airport, are we able to place an immigration zone to check passports and luggage? Or are the passports assumed to be checked at the check-in and luggage by our baggage claim beltway?


Hi, sadly not. These functions does not exists yet, it is important to remember that we are releasing an early access title with a lot of missing features and some unfinished content. This is of course intentional to be able to get feedback and a solid fan base before taking the next step.


Has it been thought of to be on the list or assumed the check-in and baggage beltway system would handle both?


Is there retrocompatibility with gamesaves? As to use the airports we’ll be building since launch to go testing the different updates? Or will we need to start from scratch with each update?


I check everyday on Steam :wink: The Steam hold expires on Saturday? Then I will check every few hours hehe :slight_smile:


Yes* :wink:

(*We have more or less been using the same save for 3 months but done some changes in our debug panel such as regenerate contracts, job tasks etc. Our ambition is that all saves will remain unless a really major change is done. However, we can’t guarantee it but saves are not encrypted and is in JSON so there is the possibility to do manual changes, should the worst happen)


Immigration and customs are in the list of future features and there are a number of threads on the forum with discussion on this. Sorry I can’t find a link for you at the moment.


Aren’t we a solid fan base? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of course! Let’s say solid customer group then :wink:


Or angry mob :wink: You better be careful about not letting anyone know your address…


Thank you for the answer. It was a big concern of mine.