First New airport in a few months


first new airport in a few months… 25 med stands with 5 remote stands.
design inspiration came from the Melbourne International topic


A great example of how an airport should be designed, well done :+1:


Is there a steam moding link for this or a download?


sorry but I dont know how to do that… if some one tells me how to do it I would be glad to do it for you @Carrot




Looks awesome. How’s your performance?


performance as in what?


Sorry, average FPS.


ok I will get it open in a few minutes and report


Im getting around 25 fps zoomed all the way out with all 25 airplanes landing and taking off… i’m also playing at 4K also… if i zoom in im getting over 30 fps


Oh, I like your 4K view, its awesome sharp.


Looks very nice and does remind me of Melbourne.


Cool, mind if we use those screens in an upcoming dev blog? :smiley:




let me get a more clean up version before you take it for the dev blog


Whole airport zoomed all the way out…

Transit hub where all the pax gets drop off/ picked up after spending there hard earn cash at the airport…

Check-in desks…

security check points

Some Gates

Baggage system and baggage claim

let me know if you would like to see any other screenshots


Oh, I like your vertical bag security line setup. you can add it later to an existing line :smiley:

Do your shops have problems with clipping? with your staff stations so close to the wall?


Thanks… you have no idea how many times I have change that around lol I havent paid much attention to the shop keepers clipping… all I know is that they can access it and it works lol


Impressive, again :slight_smile: