Flight scheduling system


Hello, so i’ve an airport with 8 medium gates atm. And i use the Auto scheduling system.
I have about 30 airline contracts signed from around the world.

But the scheduling seems to favorite 3-4 of the airlines, and books all the flight from those 4.
So is it only doing that because they have a good satisfaction? Since they depart on time, their satisfaction is between 80-100% while an airline that has never been booked has a standard of 30%.

How does the system work?


I would recommend only having 8 contracts at most for this size airport and add more ass your airport grows. My airport with 32 stands (24 medium) only has about 14 contracts in total all with 100% satisfaction and a fully filled schedule with it set to 15 minute spacing between flights.


Be careful, canceling airline contracts costs millions!


Okey @Toby_H , why do you recommend 8? Also, can i ask you about your airport layout, because i see an issue that if i expand my airport the way i’m building it now. It’s going to be a very long walk from Security too the gate furthest out on the wing. I imagine your airport is pretty big if you have 32 stands.


Try to build from the center, have all incoming and facilities at the center of the map, to shorten walking distances.