Forum Game: Name That Aircraft!

Hello Everybody! I have just thought of a game to play with you all.

Here’s how it works:
One person will post a picture of an aircraft. You will have to guess what aircraft it is. If you get it correct, you get to show a picture. Also, just a side note, you do not have to write the -400 or -8, or something like that, but extra points to you if you can. I will start. :slight_smile:

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Is that an A340-300 ?

Correct! Your turn!

What are the limits on what I can put?

The limits are it has to be an aircraft.

I would say production civilian aircraft. So people won’t put random experimental military aircraft… Or helicopters.

Fair… Those are the limits

Is it a DC-8?

It is not a DC-8.

Is it a Bristol Brittania 314?

No sure about the type, but yes, it’s a Britannia. Go!

Can we also post a picture asking to guess the airline and aircraft heh

We should do the airline one on another channel.

Ok, so my turn:

I recognize that aircraft. That is a Pipistrel Panthera if I recall correctly.

Damn, you’re good.

Okay, how about this one:

The famous Tri-Star!

Which one though?

I only know it as a Lockheed TriStar. If i am right.