Gates Systems - Multi Story


In the future we will be getting Multi Story gameplay. And with that I think it it vital to control the story the jetway connects to. Similar to this one about boarding customisation. We should be able to customise which level people board the jetway and which story of the building they leave. This is an aspect that is well away but will be able to create a great planned terminal. Plus maybe customise jetway and stairs. Pls. Double fun, I don’t know, but there is lots too think about on this topic.


IMO you shouldn’t be able to choose to which story your jetway connects, it should always be the 1st floor (the floor above ground floor). If you were to connect a jetway to the ground floor or 2nd floor it would look really weird, check out my paint-skills :slight_smile:

Same goes for 2nd floor. What could be an option is to have stairs where the jetway enters the building.


I agree partially, yes on default it should be connected both to one floor but various airports have a split jet way that diverts boarding passengers from let’s say level 2 to the plane and the other part of the jetway splits them to level one. I live in Brisbane, Australia and we have a first class Emirates lounge on the 3rd story of the terminal that connects via jet bridge straight into the plane. The boarding passages board from level 2 and the arriving passages go via jet bridge to level 1. image
Not a good picture but all I could get.
All I am saying is that it works and is used widely in Brisbane airport.


In addition to that, jetways can have staircases or escalators to a higher level - for example +1 departures, +2 arrivals.


I agree that connecting the jetway to ground level is unrealistic but at some airports the jetway does connect to the floor 2 levels above ground


There are jetways on stand level.


Yes but that doesn’t work with the layout of a medium stand in-game (as it currently exists) vehicles passing underneath the jetways. Every airport where vehicles pass underneath has the jetway attaching to the building on a floor above ground level. A 7.5 tonne truck will typically have an overall height in the 3.5m to 4m range (11 ft 6in to 13ft range). An articulated truck (such as the largest fuel trucks and the trucks that supply fuel to the airport can be even taller). The underside of the jetway must therefore be higher than that level, forcing it to attach to a level above ground level unless there are stairs part of the way along it which is unrealistic (does it happen anywhere). Unless stands are introduced that ground vehicles pass/transit without going underneath the jetway, a jetway will have to attach above ground level.


Agreed. Having it connected to ground floor is weird. But +1 and +2 would be great. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


if you look at the jetways in the game, they have a ladder attached to go to the ground level, so it makes sense putting them elevated just for that as well.


Yeah other than small gates it would look weird having a jetway in the ground.


Unless they get rid of the road that goes in front of the stand (would allow more flexible designs too).