General Ideas


I am sure that probably all of these things I am about to say have been mentioned on some other post. This is my general ideas for what should be added.

Cart Service (I saw this in Fredrik and Olof’s first ACEO Video)

Multi Story Car Parking and Drop off/Pick up fees. (The multi story car parking may or may not be in the Multi-Story Update.)

Wifi. (You could have like a small server room or a central router, then have Wifi Extenders around the airport.)

Electricity and Water. (This could be like the system in Prison Architect. Also the water would have to be run into places like the catering depot, bathrooms etc.)

Large/Advanced Weather Monitor. (Since the only one available is the small less advanced one.)

Travelators. (This may be added along with escalators. Though I would like tye travelator size to be changeable. You should be able to click and drag it.)

Large ATC Tower. (Again, since the only one available is the Medium and Small one. Also it may be added in the update for Large Aircraft.)

Large Security. (Once again, its because Small and Medium are the only ones available.)

First Class Lounge and Services.

Large Stands, Catering, De-icing, cleaning and Large aircraft would be on this list but I already know that they are 100% coming.

And that’s all. Some of these on the list I will probably guess will come like Items that have a small and medium option at the current time, will get large options later. Please leave replies on what else could be on this list.

ALPHA 30 - Multiple Floors and Terminals

APLHA 31 - Catering, De-Icing, and cleaning.

ALPHA 32 - Large and Jumbo Aircraft and Stands. (I think)