Government Grants


Grants would be a useful addition to the money and progression of the game. It would allow the player to work towards goals to get money. I feel a system similar to prison architects grants would work well.

There should be government grants to build a certain size of airport and allow a certain amount of passengers to fly out of the airport. When accepting grants it gives newer plays a general order to progress.

I came up with some ideas for grants:


  • Increase passenger flow to 50 per day
  • Increase passenger flow to 150 per day
  • Increase passenger flow to 500 per day
  • Increase passenger flow to 1000 per day


  • Detect or destroy 20 pieces of luggage
  • Detect or destroy 50 pieces of luggage
  • Detect or destroy 150 pieces of luggage

Aerosport Club

  • Build 5 dedicated General Avation hates and allow fuel service

Regional Airport

  • Build 3 Comercial Small Gates and allow fuel service

Domestic Airport

  • Build 3 Comercial Medium Gates and allow baggage handling service

International Airport

  • Build 10 Comercial Medium Gates and have 1 5 star flight

These grants could even be applied to the tutorial. Just an idea.

This are just ideas and I believe there is a lot to be discussed on this topic


Yeah I agree we could have that but I think there could be a way to have private investors as well or have airlines invest into your airport somehow