Ground Movement Cotroller


Hi everyone

Since airports grow bigger and bigger, more traffic uses the airport. This will make parallel taxiways necessary.

Good examples are Amsterdam Shipol and New York JFK. One taxiway is normally used for clockwise movement and the other one for the counter clockwise movement.

In the current version, the traffic seems to search for the shortest distance between the runway and the assigned stand. This is only halfway real and leads to traffic jam, as multiple aircraft await the crossing/pass of one single aircraft and delays in any kind occur.

Therefore I would like to see a ground movement management toll/controller implemented, which allows to set specific taxiway directions and other rules (e.g. max Wingspan).

I hope you guys have the same feeling.

Cheers, Flo.


With current version which was updated in couple of days ago, you can assign one way or tho way taxiways including runway entrances and exit with one way or two ways.

Have fun :wink:


Oh my god xD

The last week I had to re-set-up my computer several times and did not expect any update there and didn’t notice the taxiway direction… I saw and use the entries/exits, but did not saw that…

Thank you very much!