Have anyone experienced this

So i have a bunch of gates. And above is an empty floor.

So far so good. Then before opening my airport i built WC and shops up there, and a crewroom. And i built one escalator. And it worked fine, no incidents reports of people not finding their way.
Then in the middle of all the passengers, i had like 2-3k going thru the airport. I decided to build two more escalators. So now there is a total of three places to go up and down.
And the second i built them i got flooded with reports of people not finding their way. But the problem gets solved the same second i receive it.
I checked everything, it’s same Zone, all is secure, there is no wall in the way.
I did send in a bug report.
But Does a simple load and reload work? Have not tried that yet. Just thought of it.

Those things happen quite often when creating new ways through escalators and similar. Usually the reports should only come in the beginning and after a short while disappear (with no more new reports coming in).
If still new reports are coming in after a longer time playing, than it would be a “real” problem.
Most of those issues are solved with saving and reloading.

I think i played on for like 10 minutes before saving and shutting down. It kept reporting like 500 in 3 minuets or so. I thought like you. The game has to realize the new waypoints and nodes or whatever. Let’s see if saving and loading helped.

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