Helicopter Art/Concept

An art piece (or concept for the more imaginative) that I’ve been working on of an Robinson R44 helicopter which I will be using as an added idea in my FBO post.



Please check out my Fixed Base Operators suggestion to see my recommendation for rotorwing aircraft here:

(Disclaimer: I’m posting the art tonight and the recommendation sometime soon.)


Well done.

This is really smart way to do the GA/FBO. I’d take him up on the skill set for implementation maself. I would also add that if the direction is one of enhancement of the FBO is the implementation of small private jets too… parking fees, prestige, hanger space for them… etc.

Maybe we can sign contacts with the police, fire and health services and they own the helipad for their helicopters.

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Looks fantastic!

Yeah, let’s relive this topic! Heliports would be a great to start a game! Also a great addition as game would be boring to have those birds flying around. :wink:

Sign a contract with Air Taxi or just a same way as GA Planes work.

Nice art! Would you like to see special helicopter stands in game? Also I did read the FBO zone topic, but about 2 months ago. It was great!

Nice animation, just out of curiosity does this actually work ingame of is it just a gif?

If you would like helicopters added to the game do what I did and next time there is a feature voting round, suggest the implementation of helicopters into the game