HELP - Dirty Floors Janitor Not Cleaning



What should I do when the floors are this dirty, and janitors (which I hired a lot) are not doing their jobs!


Hire more. :slight_smile:
They’re not really working properly, I think devs have it on their to-do-list, already.
I noticed, when airport is crowded masses of (good) janitors are needed and still can’t keep it completely clean. But during the night they clean everything up.
So for me it’s fine, if airport is clean when first passangers arrive in the morning.
Furthermore dirt has no impact, for now, I think.


They should also reduce somewhat dirt. I keep hiring them and still have a mess. All my passengers are pigs


I’m sure they’ll balance this in the near future, probably low on the prio list.
The behavior is working, which is a good thing, just needs some fine tuning on how dirty people actually are :smiley:

More a personal question would be: do the trashcans actually have effect on airports at the moment or are they just cosmetic?


Does putting in waste bins make a difference?


Think I’ve read that all ‘decoration items’ like plants, bins a.s.o. have no effect, for now. Could anybody verify?
And it makes no difference, which type of seating you give to your pax, too, I think…


Can you file a bug report and include the save?


Dear Olof, with airports with 3000+PAX on ground it looks like this for 18hrs a day ;), please let us assign zones to cleaners.


I have a herd of Janitors. I fired the expensive ones I hired in the start and hire cheap ones all the time. At night they clean it pretty good and repair everything. Only looks bad during the day.

Remember the game is a simulation and all algorithms aren’t 100% YET. However the last time I went to a REAL airport they had many many cleaning staff throughout…

Try hiring many cheap ones and see if it makes a difference.


Unauthorized Cleaning Staff meeting? :wink:


You know how you get rid of the unauthorized cleaning staff meetings in the cozy break room, right?


@Bardaek - Depends if they are Unionized :wink: . They broke it up once they saw the CEO was looking hahaha


My airport has a FLEX pool, I just push the contract back to zero hours and let the cleaners quit themselfs, no union problems at all. A decent CEO should know such things ;).


You get rid of the cozy break room…