History mode


I recently had a great idea based on the Tropic 6. The idea is that when we started setting up our airport, we started in the 1930s with Douglas DC 3, the next serious era of World War II where it would be harder to keep finances at the airport on leaving the era of World War II would have a 70’s era focused on new jet planes such as 747-100,737-200,727-200,707, DC 10, IL 62, sud caravelle aviation of course the concorde is tupolev TU 144 in the middle of the 70’s is the current days we would have the 90’s the main aircraft would be, for example, the 737-300,767-300,777-200, IL 86, IL 96, A340, A330, A320, MD 11 is the current day in which we would have 737-800, 737 MAX, 777, comac 919, mc 21 irkut, superjet sukhoi, emb 190,787


Maybe “Historic Times DLC” in future :wink:

It will include; Old airplanes, new airlines with old style liveries.

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Yeah then you go to the next year after a task for example: “Welcome 4 Boeing 707 Aircrafts” or “Service 4500 passengers”