How to delete flight contracts



First: I’m new here in this forum. My name is Manfred, I live in Germany. So, please excuse my bad english :wink:
I think, I’ve played all airport simulations since the first in 2002, so I hope, I can give a little bit of useful input to the game.

My first question is: how can I delete not accepted flight contracts or reject to hide them? I have nearly 80 contract offers that I don’t want to accept and they are getting more and more, so I need more and more time to check them all to find a contract I want to accept.

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I have never come across the possibility to do that.


As Dewitjur says, I don’t think either it’s possible to do that. You can of course apply a filter for fuel, shops, airlines etc.

How do you have so many?


I don’t know :slight_smile: - from the first moment, I dislock my runway for commercial flights, I got 20-something airline-contracts and in the last 5 game-days such a lot of flight contracts.
Some are for medium aircrafts, but they can’t land because may runway is too short (It’s my first game, I locked it too late). I have only 5 active small stands, but got nearly every 3 hours new contracts for small airplanes.

Where can I do that?


It’s on the bar just above where the contracts are displayed.


are you talking about flights instead of contracts? That would make more sense to me out of what you said here.

Flights are these

Contracts are these


Ok, perhaps I used the incorrect terms, sorry.

I meant the following:

If you click on an airline, you get what I named “flight contracts” on the left. Flights are shown in the big grid/overview.

These are “airline contracts” for me.

I want to delete the “flight contracts”, that I don’t have accepted.
But I think, I have to write a feature wish :slight_smile:


It really hurts trying to read this. pls use quotes correctly, it’s hard, appearantly even for me :woozy_face:


I know what you mean, but I use the forum’s function (mark a text and click on the small ‘Quote’-popup). I don’t know, why it’s looking so bad…


Use the “speak” balloon in the top left, its easyer. Dont select stuff.

For the question; it seems you cant hide / remove contracts, just filter them.


Maybe we should have a SNOOZE contract option.

Then you could filter on SNOOZED onces to bring them back.