I don't have a catering button etc

I don’t have a catering depot button and the option to do have a cleaning truck.I’m not sure if it released yet or I have a bug in my game.

Did you turn on the experimental mode in steam for the game. If you haven’t you do not have the ability to play with the new turnaround services.

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If you are in the stable version, you should see :
In Economy > Procurement : No catering, cabin cleaning and deicing vehicles.
__________> Offered Contracts : No Deicing and Catering contracts.

In Vehicles > Vehicle Overview : you should still see : Security Car, Catering Truck, DeIcing Truck and Cabin Cleaning truck in the filters.
And in Operations > Vehicle Job Tasks : You should see all vehicles including additional Security, Catering, DeIcing and Cleaning.
_______________> Airport Control Panel : You shouldn’t see Catering, Cleaning and DeIcing ON/OFF buttons in the Turnaround service control panel.
No additional constructions available.

In the Beta you should now see :
In Economy > Procurement : Catering, cabin cleaning and deicing vehicles available (Sandbox or regular) from the start.
__________> Offered Contracts : You should (if I remember correctly) start getting them when you have your first commercial flights

In Vehicle : No changes.
Operations > Vehicle Job Tasks : No changes.
_________> Airport Control Panel : You should now see Catering, Cleaning and DeIcing ON/OFF buttons available and enable from the start.

In construction menu in “Aircraft Infrastructure” you should see all building from the start.

Now if you are in the Regular, on top of the screen you should see written in small letters “AIRPORT CEO ALPHA 31.8-1” and in the Beta “AIRPORT CEO ALPHA 32.8-1” (note the main version goes from 31 to 32).

From Steam, if you right click on Airport CEO and you go to “Properties”, you should see a windows with a tab named “BETAS” in which you can choose between the regular and beta variant.
Thankfully Airport CEO being a small game, there is only 1.1 MB of update to change from Regular to Beta or the opposite.

If you are in Beta and still don’t see any of the new things the Beta bring, always in Steam > Airport CEO > “right click” > “Properties” > “LOCAL FILES” tab > “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…” (the sentence might differ a little), which as indicated will check your game for errors and then update it, once done, start a fresh game and check if it work.

Thank you for your guys feedback!


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