Immigration, Customs and Quarantine


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I know there have been a few threads which have touched on this, but not to the extent (I think) of what I’m about to ask.

Let me explain my understanding of these three concepts first;

  • Immigration is an individuals right to be granted access to the country in which they have landed. Immigration is not necessarily a task which is completed by the Airport itself, but by government employees who work inside the airport. The Airport is however legally obliged to provide for this service. Individuals can be granted immigration clearance, or not, and if not, need to be sent back to their country of origin.

  • Customs is about ensuring that a person is not bringing illicit substances into the country which they have arrived in. Notably drugs, weapons, porn etc. This is less about the ‘person’ and more about their belongings, although there are profiles which can be applied to identify high-risk persons.

  • Quarantine is not a concept every country has, but in New Zealand (if you’ve ever been you’ll probably remember) its a massive deal. For example: you are not allowed to bring any fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, wood products or plant material into New Zealand, and they have dedicated scanners and sniffer dogs in place to sniff out these things. Real example: my girlfriend had a bouquet of flowers leaning on her handbag when we were overseas - the sniffer dog smelt the outside of her bag, did its signal to the handler and this meant the contents of my girlfriends bag was examined for the better part of 30 mins to make sure there were no petals in her bag.

My question, while this is not likely to be implemented for an early access release, do we have anything like this on our roadmap moving forward?

Governmental agents in airports: Customs, Federal agents and police

In the USA quarantine as you describe is part of US Customs and Border Protection duties. They look out for agriculture violations in addition to food, drugs, weapons, bulk cash, etc.


These have already been suggested in many topics


Well I can’t find quarantine in other threads.
Living in New Zealand myself I like this idea, this could open up the possibility that if its not adequate enough we get a message saying ‘customs outside the airport found worms infested wood came through your airport, you have been fined 5000k and warned to improve measures’


There have been topics which have brushed on these topics, but none that have actual answers from the devs :slight_smile:

They sound like good ideas that add depth, albeit for a later release :smiley:


there have already been topics about this