Land's End Regional [LEQ] - Tiny Airport Contest

My contribution to humoresque’s contest to build a tiny airport.

Overall view

Terminal Area - Three small stands, 1 GA, 1 Commercial, 1 Emergency; One Medium Stand.

Services Area - Both types of fuel, Emergency and Police Stations, Aircraft Cleaning and Aircraft Catering buildings.

Made a profit - for that hour, anyway. Will need to see if it can be achieved on a daily basis…

Night-time view

Commercial gate set-up - as well as the cafe in the Check-in Area (landside) there’s a cafe, shop and airline lounge in the Departure Area (airside) off to the right of the stands there’s one each of medium and small hangars.

One airline to rule them all?

Final overall view, for now


That terminal… I didn’t even try to build that compact! Extremely good build! :grinning:

Awesome, gate numbers on the floor.

I would so love decals for that purpose. We have the airline logos so it can be done. A 1 x 1 tile with a number on it (0 - 9) and 1 x 1 with a letter on it (A-Z), all colourable. Then we can add gate numbers, baggage bay numbers, etc.

Another thought is a toggle overlay where we can write names, etc

So I waited a few game days to see if profitability was possible, and yes, it was, so I spent about £50k in doing a couple fo changes in the Terminal building and making the airport entrance and car park a bit prettier on the eyes.

Overall view

Added a couple more car parks this time for long-term parking, and filled in a few gaps and edged the access roads with a flower border. Scattered a few trees outside of that and put in a couple of ‘Welcome’ flowerbeds at the start of the access road. We really need a few signboards in the game that we can put around, particualrly a ‘Welcome’ board for the entrance and a ‘Fly with us again’ board for those exiting the airport.

Closer up view of the Transit zone.

The main Terminal building.

The Check-in Area. I had to change a bit of the seating to a third security station as 95 PAX for a BAe-146 flight took a really long time to get through to original two. There’s a Cafe, but no shop. The PAX don’t like to shop before checking-in, I find - the small shop I tried in the area didn’t make its target.

The main Departure Lounge area. Gate seating, Cafe, Shop, Goose Wings Executive Lounge.

The Admin Offices.

Baggage handling system - with an airport this size, only one Ramp Agent per side is sufficient.

Airside… Gate 1 is GA, Gate 2 is the emergency stand, Gate 3 is Small Commercial and Gate 4 is Medium Commercial.

The as-yet unused Hangars.

The services area.

And, proof profits can be made with only two active Commercial stands and all services provided. I probably have a few more staff than I really need, so savings could be made there, and you really need to fill the two stands with flights. Goose Wings suddenly stopped scheduling Medium flights, so I signed up Strada Regional (they have Medium flights only) to take up the slack, now the flight schedule is full for the full seven days and I have flights awaiting scheduling…

Finally, the latest save is up on the Steam Workshop, here

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Sorry for the late response but here are your pts :grinning::

Stands and hangars:

  • 7 pts


  • 8 pts ~ Wow, good job

Passenger services:

  • 8 pts

Staff treatment:

  • 2 pts


  • 5 pts

Great job, a score of 30!!! :grinning:

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