Make ACEO avaliable on consoles, or at least playable on controllers

It would be nice to be able to play on a controller because I would rather play on a more comfortable controller than a keyboard, while still having the power of a PC.
It could introduce thousands of people to the game and, of course, pay the dudes making this amazing game.

Welcome the forum. Regarding your suggestion, I don’t think tycoon games need controller support. I understand that you prefer using a controller over a keyboard but I don’t think a majority of players would use that feature.

But perhaps I’m wrong, the devs can always add controller support during Beta.

not sure anything other than a pc mouse would give the precise selection needed in a grid based game though. I find it impossible using a laptop trackpad for example haha

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Are there any example games of indie style that are played with controller?

Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Celeste

Unfortunately this is not something that’s going to happen, looking at collected hardware data by Steam users in general (market data not acquired by us through Airport CEO but by Steam in general) indicate that there is a very low to non-existing demand for playing with a controller on a PC. Unless it’s on a console of course, but ACEO will not be ported to any console.