Malmö-Lund Hugo Fredriksson Airport (MMA)


Hello fellow ACEOs! :wave:
I, @Earl_of_Arland , a representative from a company known as Airport Construction and Engineering Organization (ACEO), today announced the opening of a brand new airport in Malmö:

The Malmö-Lund Hugo Fredriksson Airport (MMA) !

Located near the town of Lund, the airport is built in honor of Hugo, @Fredrik 's son and ACEO’s (the game) newest ‘dev member’. A single runway airport, the design is built in accordance with the rules of ‘Default Test Airport’, with 2 medium gates, 4 small gates, 1 medium stand, 1 small stand, and some GA’s stand which must be as compact as possible. Also, this airport performance is quite good (30 FPS on my laptop, 3x speed).

This is my former submission for the contest that never make it. And shoutout to @MLGMAGICHOODINI , thanks for testing the airport!

Screenshots time!

The upper part of the terminal, featuring colorfull seating and dining-shopping hall

The lower part of the terminal, packed with baggage claims, check-in desks, security, and the ‘MMA’ sign

East wing, featuring GA stands and ramp office

West wing, featuring the tower, medium stands, and other ramp office

Office complex in the southwest

The CEO and his office :wink:

For those who want the complete airport save file:

EDIT: The Steam version is now online!

What do you guys think?


Very nice


Wow! Really Funny Airport name :smile:


Wow! I am very honored and moved by your thoughtfulness. :heart_eyes: The airport looks absolutely amazing. I will definitely download and store the save game. Maybe one day I can even show him the airport built in his honor. :smiley: Thanks a lot!


This is so awesome! The name and the airport is really nice. Again proving we have the best community one can wish for! Thanks for sharing <3


Now I have a feeling like I can’t build an airport… I’m always bragging in my head about why my airports look and fuction more effeciently but it’s not happening this time… Looks so good!!!


Very nice! We really need those diagonal taxiways in the game… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Wow, hello Fredrik! Thanks for the kind remark :heart_eyes: Hope Hugo like it in the future :smile:

Thanks Alex! And yeah, i think ACEO has one of the best community :wink:

Thanks Alex No.2! And c’mon, you could do it. If anyone can, why not you too?

Thanks J! and i also think about needing the diagonal taxiways, but like the runway exits i prefer to do them manually.

Thank You Everyone :slightly_smiling_face: