Modded Airplanes




Made the final details and created the 737max8!
The max9 an max10 will be created later on.


Looks amazing!


Beautiful again. Great work.


So is this with the “real scale” or with the “scaled down to ACEO standards where planes are smaller than real life”.

Looks huge, can’t wait to see this land on my airports (that would need some expansion haha)


Scales worked out based on the 757 PSD measurements. Worked pixels, to feet, back to pixels. So ACEO Scale.


Ha awesome, i guess those larges stands will need to be considerably bigger :smiley:


Maybe there should be a 4th stand class as “Jumbo” for 777, 747, A380, A340-900 and A350-900/1000



Mine are done the same way


I love the look of your planes! can’t wait to see them ingame and/or steamworkshop :smiley:


Just a teaser (just like the devs sometimes do :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: ) i am currently working on the A330-300. Not totally ready to be published but getting closer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is the first, the, Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine version A330-300.

I will create a file that will go for the, Pratt & Whitney PW 4170 and General Electric CF6-80E1A3. These engines look similar to each other from the top down view so this will be just one drawing for both types :stuck_out_tongue:


Very much a WIP but I do have her in game as well. I want my Air New Zealand fleet complete.

The 777-200. Yes It’s way to large for the current stands, to quote Transvison Vamp “Baby, I don’t care…” I just want my Air NZ fleet so I’m making them as I can and prepared to live with the issues. Though it makes airport/taxiway planning a lot easier having large aircraft running around. Still lots of finishing to do though.


You made my day @Rubble… So wait for a 77W. Or a nice 77L. Or about any 777 version there is. :smiley:


That’s a very cool looking plain! Do you have the black body versions as well? I like that colour scheme a lot as well:


And I’m in :heart_eyes: with this bird:



Yeah, I did that one. I did the other all black livery too.



Cool! Are they in the mods and in game available already? Not the big ones of course, but the ‘standard’ set we have at the moment?


You mean the standard aircraft set right? because bigger planes can indeed not be entered into the game as far as i know :slight_smile:


Yeah, the standard 737, ATR72 and A320 are released.